Our Process

It all begins with Real Cream!   Other natural ingredients
Real Cream CowWe use real cream.
Real cream providied by well-established, trusted producers. Real cream make the difference.
  We source only high quality, ingredients for our ice cream including natural stabilizers derived from plants and Californian Pecans & Walnuts.
Blending and Pasteurization   Homogenization

Pastuerization TankThe cream, sugar, milk powders, stabilizers and corn syrup are blended as they are being added to the large pasteurizing tanks using a blending pump.

This mixture is heated to 70 degrees Celsius then held at that temperature for at least 30 minutes allowing pasteurization to occur.


HomogenizerAfter pasteurization the mixture is pumped through a homogenizer at high pressure, approximately 2000 PSI, to break down the naturally occurring fat molecules.

Homogenization ensures the mixture remains well mixed before flavouring and freezing.

Cooling   Aging
Plate CoolerAfter homogenization the mixture is rapidly cooled using a plate cooler. The mixture is pumped through one side of plate cooler while ice water is pumped through the other side quickly chilling the mixture from 70 degrees Celsius to 4 degrees Celsius in seconds.   Holding TankOnce cooled, the mixture is pumped into holding tanks to age for at least 4 hours. During this time the mixture is stirred and kept cold. The stirring action and cool temperature allows the stabilizers and emulsifiers to keep the fat and water molecules small and separate ensuring a smooth, finished ice cream free of noticeable ice crystals.
Flavouring   Freezing

Flavouring TankAfter ageing, the mixture is pumped to the flavour tanks where flavours are added.

During the production of chocolate ice cream cocoa powder is added at the Blending and Pasteurization stage.

  Ice Cream FreezerFrom the flavour tanks the mixture is pumped through the ice cream freezer where air is added creating a consistency similar to whipped cream.
Special flavouring ingredients   Packaging, Hardening and Storage
Special Flavouring IngredientsNuts, fruits and ripples can be added to the frozen soft ice cream mixture using the ripple pump and a fruit feeder. We create over 40 flavours of ice cream, many of which are based on our own recipes.   Hardening RoomThe ice cream mixture is pumped into conveniently sized containers that you would find in your local grocery store or large tubs for use in restaurants or ice cream parlours. These filled containers are then frozen hard in the hardening room and stored on pallets in our cold storage room ready for shipment.
Enjoy delicious Tracey's Ice Cream by the scoop!   Enjoy delicious Tracey's Ice Cream at home!
Tracey's Ice Cream Dairy BarYou can enjoy Tracey's Ice Cream at our own dairy bar in Renfrew and premium ice cream parlours throughout Eastern Ontario.  

Ice Cream in FreezerPick up some Tracey's Ice Cream at your local grocery store to take home a delicious treat!

If you don't see Tracey's Ice Cream in the freezer, ask your local grocer to contact us to learn more about why everyone should be enjoying our ice cream.

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